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About Us - Foreigners in Bangalore

This is a complete non profit website that is dedicated to all the foreigner visiting Bangalore. As I have lived in Bangalore for 30yrs , I would love to share my authentic knowledge about my city to foreigners in bangalore. In this website , I share my best knowledge about the place to visit in around Bangalore and the taste of the best food to eat in Bangalore.

And feel free to ask any questions about Bangalore at my “Ask A Question” page and I will give you the best authentic advise available. For example it could be about the most economical place to stay in , the best taste of south Indian food, the best places to visit or any other questions, just feel free and I will guide you the best way.

I also have a Facebook Page dedicated to my website. I have liked few pages in it and you can like the Facebook page to get regular updates about good events happening around Bangalore. So, foreigners in bangalore do visit my facebook page.

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Free Tourist Guide

We provide free tourist guide services for foreigners in Bangalore. With my 30yrs experience I can show you Bangalore never before.

Mobile Phone Guide

A tourist or foreigners in bangalore can call any time 24/7 for guides in regards to stay, Food and places to visit. I can guide you with the best.

Online Guide

You can join Expat Group Bangalore online and get in touch for good information about Banglore and I will get back to you ASAP.

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Expat Group Bangalore
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